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08 Apr '16

Choosing The Correct Outfit For Your Body Shape

Choosing the correct outfit is much easier when you know what pieces work best for your body shape. We women come in different shapes and sizes. Most of us fall into one of four categories: circle (thick around the middle), triangle (larger at the bottom), hourglass (curvy but evenly proportioned), and rectangle (straight up and down).

Circle Shapes- If you gain weight around the mid-section (or you want to hide any post-pregnancy pounds), clothes should fit loosely around the midsection (to conceal a full stomach) and more snugly elsewhere (to play up thin limbs). Avoid anything that draws attention to the middle―like high-rise pants, belts, and waist-cinching tops.

Triangle Shape - The triangle shape is defined as shoulders and torso that are narrower than the hips. Avoid shapeless, oversize sweaters; skinny jeans and pants; and skirts in a flimsy, curve-hugging fabric, like silk.

Hourglass Shape - With an ample chest, a narrow waist, and full (but not wide) hips, this shape, although evenly proportioned, can seem as if it’s all angles. It is best to pick clothing that work and move with your curves, not against them. Avoid shapeless or boxy styles, like baby-doll dresses, tunics, and oversize cardigans.

Rectangle Shape - You may have little definition at the waist, this is known as a straight up and down figure or boyish shape. Go for styles that fit snug at your mid-section but flare out at the bottom (even when wearing a skirt or pants) this is to create curves. Avoid Dresses that are tight all over and anything too flowy or unstructured around the waist, like Empire-waist tops.