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19 May '16

Fun Fashion Facts!!!

Posted by Paris Evans

I’ve had the opportunity to learn a few cool facts about fashion that I just had to share. If there are any question or comments, please feel free to share. I can also be reached directly by filling out the contact form at legacylooks.com

  • Cotton fabric was used for clothing for about 8,000 years. One bale of cotton could make about 215 pairs of jeans depending on size
  • I thought these one was awesome. Old tires created the first pair of Doc Martens.
  • W. Griffith, a Hollywood film produce invented fact eyelashes. Get this, they eyelashes were made out of real hair. Griffith, created the real eyelashes look to enhance his actress’s eyelids.
  • Mary Phelps created and patented the first bra made of handkerchiefs.
  • Paris, New York, Milan and London are the four major fashion capitals of the world. The four cities hold fashion shows twice, in February and September.
  • OMG Ladies, this one would knock your socks off. Did you know it was unacceptable for women to wear shorts in public until after World WarII?
  • American woman will spend $125,000 on clothes over her lifetime.
  • If you have ever wondered what gender a button up shirt was made for, this might help. and women on the left, and men shirts button on the right.
  • In the 1920’s eyeliner became popular after its discovery in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.
  • Every woman wears black at least once a week, but at one point it was unusual for a woman to wear black unless she was in mourning.