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24 May '16

Top 5 Fashion Don'ts

Posted by Paris Evans

1. Don't wear Crocs, they're a huge fashion no-no. If you are over the age of 5 years old, stay away from the crocs. Yes, crocs are so cut on the kiddos, but when I see a woman walking into the workplace with, what they think are a stylish pair of crocs, all I can say is, "fashion gone so wrong". 

2.  Don't mix prints EVER!!! Yes fashion is supposed to be fun and you should always take chances. Fun does not mean close your eyes and blindly pick prints. 

3. Don't wear a super tight skirt with extremely high heels. Walking is hard enough in 6 inch heels, so if you included a tight pencil skirt that wraps around the knees, your in trouble.

4. Don't wear socks with heels or saddles. I know us ladies hate the rubbing against our feet while wearing heels, but there are easy way to fix that problem. To avoid having to wear the hideous bulky sock with your heels, cushy inserts will help.  

5. Don't wear see thru bodysuits. Unless your at the beach there is not need to have a completely see thru bodysuit. I always say don't be afraid to show a little skin but a see thru bodysuit is a little much.