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21 Nov '16

Fashion On A Budget

Winter is approaching in full swing and we are all wanting to add a few new pieces to our wardrobe. Most of use are wanting new outfits, but not wanting to break the bank. Here are a few ideas to save big bucks but look great while doing it.

1) Purchase everyday items that can easily be accessorized and wor with other outfits to make a different look. For example an oversized scarf, denium jeans and jacket, a blazer, and boots.

2) Look for sale that offer discount for a precentage off not just a dollar value off. 10%, 15%, 25% and more is a great deal. I advise buyers of search for the percentage discount because the more the entire purchase the more you save on your discount. If you look for a sale that offers $5 dollars off and you spend $100 dollar. Your total cost would be $95 dollar. Now you find a sale that offers 20% off and you spend $100 dollars your total overall cost would be $80 dollars. So to get a better deal ALWAYS look for the precetage discount. 

3) Shop on discounted days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You are more likely to find those BIG precentage discount deals. Alway look for the discounted rack or markdowns. Sign up for marketing with the store you plan to visit, that usaully comes with a discount code that can be used with any purchase along with markdowns. 

4) Shop out of season - Purchase past season items which would be marked down. You can then apply any coupon code that the company is offering for an extra discount, which creates huge savings. 

5) Lastely, avoid trends. If you’re always buying the latest trends, which is not worn for long, then your not saving money. By avoiding the world lastest trends that come and go everyday will help with huge savings. If you stick with your own trendy items that you like and that fit with your everyday style, will get you more wear time.